At JA Maintenance Inc, we take charge and transform your space into a spotless marvel. We provide cleaning and maintenance services to all kinds businesses, homes and facilities. With our constant endeavor to provide a comprehensive cleaning service to our valued clients, we now offer cleaning consulting services too. We have begun this service for those who have their own cleaning staff but need support for cleaning supervision, staff training, purchasing cleaning supplies, and quality control.

The routine mopping and sweeping are not just enough, you need to avail professional cleaning services in order to ensure that your premise is maintained properly.

Our cleaning consulting offerings include:

  • Cleaning Management
  • Implementation of Cleaning
  • Development of Cleaning Program
  • Product/Equipment Purchasing
  • Staff Training
  • Expertise/Knowledge/ Recommendations
  • Quality Control Inspection
  • Cleaning Reports

Cleaning Management Services

JA Maintenance assists the clients with following cleaning services:

Assistance with Cleaning Supplies Purchasing

We help our clients in purchasing cleaning products, equipment, and restroom and plastic consumables. We also provide our recommended HEPA filter commercial backpack vacuum cleaner to our clients.
The client may also request for 2 additional alternatives to our recommended cleaning supplies at an additional charge. The recommendation also includes the pricing, benefits, and the best vendor options for purchasing those supplies.

Facility Configuration and Systems

In order to keep the facility clean, we give basic suggestions for facility enhancement in regards to facility configuration and systems.
We will tell our clients how to improve indoor air quality, reduce dirt from coming in, and make the most of their janitor closet space.

Other Services

At JA Maintenance, we will also provide recommendations for ancillary cleaning services, such as window cleaning, carpet cleaning, trash carting services, cleaning supplies vendors, etc.

Quality Control Program

As a part of our Quality Control Program, we adopt a three-step approach for every project:

1Daily, Weekly& Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Once we assess the facility’s cleaning needs, traffic and understand our client’s unique preferences, we prepare a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklist that shall be executed by cleaning staff appointed by the client himself/herself.
We evaluate the cleaning checklist every month and update it by incorporating any alteration in the facility’s requirements and traffic, if necessary.
The cleaning checklist ensures that the lead cleaning staff is organized and completes their errands. It also helps us to keep a check on their daily work through records, which brings greater responsibility and unswerving cleaning quality.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Inspections

Depending on the facility’s cleaning needs and traffic, JA Maintenance will carry out one scheduled and one unscheduled monthly inspection on a regular basis.
Our inspection form is a numerically graded assessment that helps in improving the cleanliness in those areas where the grade is comparatively low.
The inspection system enables a back-end supervisor to check and rate the facility for cleanliness and appearance without any kind of bias.
We discuss the inspection results with the client’s in-house cleaning staff in detail, all sorts of minor deficiencies are tackled then and there. In the case of any major issues, the inspection details resubmitted for a corrective action report.

Corrective Action Reports

If any specific area is severely lacking in cleanliness or appearance, we after discussing with the cleaning staff, initiate a Corrective Action Report.
Upon inspection, if any area of the facility scores below our acceptable benchmark, we fill the Corrective action reports with the pictures of the respective areas and give it to the cleaning staff.

Employee Training Program

JA Maintenance performs on-site training programs for the Client’s in-house cleaning staff as and when required.
These sessions address minor issues spotted during previous inspections and also the bigger issues presented in the corrective action reports.
The training sessions are conducted in order to make the client’s in-house cleaning staff aware about any new cleaning techniques that are necessary for the facility.
We also educate the employee through hands-on demonstrations of cleaning techniques and methods.

Cleaning Reports

JA Maintenance provides a scheduled cleaning report to the Client along with detailed inspection, training sessions, changes made to the checklists and cleaning consulting recommendations.